Let's make our own European Holidays!

As we all miss travelling we have decided to create our own at the NY party-2021 — festive, private, and elegant one. We invite you to an exclusive voyage to the inspiring countries of Christmas Europe. Without concerns and any travel arrangements, without others — only your gala evening and night… Everything is thought-out for you.

Let’s carry away to the festive France, warm and friendly Italy, cozy Switzerland, passionate Spain… We will become your personal guide and take care about the elaborate feast.

The taste and flavour of travelling, light atmosphere, New Year romance, impressions and pleasant surprises… Moving to the 2021!

Are you with us?

Evening program:

  • Welcome cocktail: presentation of European cuisine’s specialities

  • Interactive trip program with nice quizzes and contests by the compere

  • Gala dinner at Arcobaleno restaurant: menu presents delicacies of French, Italian, Spanish, and other cuisines

  • Unlimited bar

  • Live music: collection of the national melodies of Spain and France as well as the world famous Christmas songs

  • Kids friendly

  • Special lottery with the hotel gifts

  • Dances after midnight in the spacious hotel lobby in the company of huge and shining Christmas tree


Look through the full information about the NY dinner clicking here.

Departure: 31 December at 20:00.

Deposit: 13 200₱ for a person.

Details and reservation: welcome@dominarussia.com

+7 (812) 385-99-00 / +7 (812) 385-12-92