Discover summer St. Petersburg

TOP places and thing to do by locals

Time to cheer for your team and discover a non-tourist city. Our concierges know the addresses and passwords of the locals’ favourite spots.

New Holland Island – the newest cozy city environment is in 7 minute-walk from Domina St. Petersburg. Locavore shops and restaurants, deck-chairs on grass and team yoga, book novelties, modern art installations and exhibitions… In summer here is a space for picnics, launching kites, music evenings and lectures in the open air. For kids – special entertainment program and magic ship-playground. The island is open daily from 10:30 till 22:00.

Individual cruises through the waters of the Neva. St. Petersburg from the water is especially beautiful! Day or night (white night!) under the drawbridges. The hotel chef will supply a savoury set for your boat picnic. More details

Roofs of St. Petersburg – best view of the city and rainbow of impressions. Here you can safely enjoy the panorama of the city and make beautiful shots (everything is near the hotel, of course):

  • Singer House
  • St. Isaac’s Cathedral Colonnade
  • Loft Project Floors
  • “Sky and Wine” restaurant with a rooftop terrace overlooking the Isaac’s Cathedral

Biking along the embankments and a picnic on Marsovo pole (The Field of Mars) – favourite summer entertainment of locals. Take a ride along the cozy embankments of the Venice of the North inspiring with the beauty of the historic city center and make a halt on the soft lawn of Marsovo pole taking sun-bathes. We will give the map of the most beautiful routes and our chef will provide with a special picnic set for a lunch in the park.