Domina rewards

Take advantage of staying at Domina St. Petersburg with privileges

We created a special program to give you the ability to collect and enjoy benefits choosing precisely what you need as our signature “Thank you” for your trust and loyalty.

Signing up is simple

Having booked through our easy-to-use online portal, fill out an application on the day of your arrival. In exchange, our staff will give you your own card with a unique number. For your convenience, the card will be already activated, completed with 500 bonus points, and will give a 5% discount at the hotel bar or restaurant.

You collect points with every visit to Domina St. Petersburg booked directly (through our website, by e-mail, or over the phone). For every night at the hotel, you earn 100 points which are automatically credited to your account at your departure. The points can be collected throughout the year.

The collected points are valid up to the next year after reaching the level. After this period unspent points will be automatically erased from your account.