Lifestyle Wellness

Stay in comfort during the trips!

The Lifestyle Wellness rooms of Domina St. Petersburg are created to make you feel at home in the heart of St. Petersburg where you’re welcomed with Italian warmth and care. Two-storeyd space, personal infrared sauna – enjoy the relax session without leaving the room.

Infrared sauna makes a favourable warming effect on our organism. According to the research results, the ordinary sauna helps organism to lose 95% of water and only 5% of wastes and infrared sauna provides the toxins loss up to 20%. Before starting the session set the desirable temperature (from 40 to 60°C) on the indicator and heat the infrared sauna for 15-20 minutes. You will feel the effect in 20-30 minutes after the beginning of your session.

Wishing a homelike evening after an active day? Cozy lounge zone on the second floor is created for it – relax doing yoga or enjoying your favourite films accompanied with Italian wine and light starters.

Healthy lifestyle and nutrition followers will estimate our “green” menu by the chef which can be served to your room.