Art – “Fairy tale” at Domina St. Petersburg

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Dreamy exhibition – in honor of the five-year anniversary of the hotel! From 15 June the installation of creative sculptures by the modern art gallery FoSSart’s resident graces the hotel lobby.

In honor of the Domina St. Petersburg fifth anniversary, the Italian art hotel together with the modern art gallery FoSSart will present the exhibition of original petit sculptures “Fairy tale”. From 15 June the hall of the mansion on the Moika river embankment holds the works of the talented sculptor,  FoSSart gallery’s resident Nikolay Shatalov. In the peak of white nights, the images of fairy characters as if come to life in bronze figures, transferring guests to the world of dreams…

“Fairy tale” exhibition opening a series of celebrations for the Domina St. Petersburg’s anniversary is a result of not accidental collaboration of art modern gallery and art-hotel. FoSSart introduces new names of Russian and world maestros to the Petersburg public and guests of cultural capital. And the bright design Domina hotel frequently welcomes the modern art as a desirable guest.

During the exhibition period Arcobaleno restaurant and bar Nove makes a compliment for all visitors – special 10% bonus on the main menu by code phrase  “Living bright”.