Meet the fantasy world of Monok

Condividi con

All our souls are inclined to dreaming and looking for something beautiful… Follow this idea we have opened an absolute new exhibition of Petersburg eccentric artist-experimenter Monok.

Until 6 December our gallery presents exhibition “Night” by Monok. This collection of canvases transfer to colourful journey taking away from the real life. As an appeal to the dualism of world and life, of day and night the author wants to say that a night plays with many colors, which are not existed in the daytime. Natural metamorphoses are happened at night , animals and others come out of the shadows… The Night for Monok is an exceptional substance that gives life to everything.

And what is the night for You?

Let’s travel – you will definitely get impressed! The artist immerses us in his unique world. Sending us to a different reality, he wants to put the viewer inside his canvas.

Welcome to our exhibition that lasts until 6 December, all the works are open for purchase.