Meet the new menu at Arcobaleno – light tastes and healthy gastronomy

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Truly “green” menu in total harmony with nature.

Concept of the new seasonal menu will be deservedly estimated by gourmets who are adherent of a healthy lifestyle. Special accent is the unconventional salads that discover new flavours. Avocado, pears and baby vegetables are supplemented in various dishes by guacamole or berry sauce and the unusual ingredients: amaranth, mizuna, pak choi, and the popular sorrel… The head Chef Sergey Maslov owns the “green” manufacture which provides fresh herbs directly to the restaurant.

Particular point of the new menu – light desserts. The “hormone of happiness” in abundance can be obtained from homemade Snickers, the legendary Lithuanian dessert cielavina, bouche with cream and chocolate ice-cream, hazelnut cheesecake, and impressive variety of homemade sorbets & gelati…

Bolshaya Morskaya str., 54
RSVP: +7 (812) 385-12-92