Authentic St. Petersburg cuisine at Domina


Special project of Committee for External Relations of Saint-Petersburg revives the traditions of the Petersburg cuisine. Gastronomic experts and critics include in the project only those restaurants of the city where it’s possible to try dishes to the authentic Petersburg recipes, cooked with the local products. According to the experts’ choice only 25 city restaurants entered the official list of “St. Petersburg cuisine’s” suppliers. Among them – Arcobaleno restaurant and bar Nove whose chef has recreated the dishes following the recipes from the cookbooks of St. Petersburg housewives.

The unique gastronomic phenomenon of St. Petersburg cuisine is the result of the two culinary cultures’ blend: traditional, rich Russian and elegant French cuisine with certain additions from other national cuisine traditions.

Thanks to the project the city guests and locals have the opportunity to discover the culinary traditions of the Russian Northern capital. Contribution of Domina St. Petersburg in the collection of authentic dishes – specialties from the Arcobaleno restaurant’s menu and the bar Nove’s  historical gastronomic set  “White Nights” dedicated to the Petersburg cuisine of the Dostoevsky’s time.

Start your tasting of “St. Petersburg cuisine” on Moika river emb., 99.