White nights are going on


At Nove bar the most Dostoevsky-style bar of St. Petersburg’s white nights will stay for a long time due to the same-titled gastronomic concept set in traditions of the XIX century.

Nove has always been closely connected with the name of Dostoevsky because of the bar’s location (just a few steps away from Raskolnikov’s house) and the atmosphere prevailing here: at the bar you can find the statue of the writer and Martha Petrovna guarding the secret bar’s room). Today in Nove favourite dishes of Dostoevsky’s contemporaries can be tasted. The authentic menu White Nights dedicated to St. Petersburg’s cuisine of the of the XIX century. The price for the nourishing set is 1200 roubles.

Inspired by tasting, do not forget to tell fortunes on Dostoevsky’s statue. Whisper in the ear of the classical writer and find the answer in one of his novels in all languages of the world.