New art experience – pictures of hot enamel


Abstract art needs no explanations – just feel it. Unusual experience in art gallery of Domina St. Petersburg – hot enamel and its “dances”…

Together with Gora Gallery we present the exhibition dedicated to the abstractionism and unique hot enamel technique. The history of enamel art finds its roots far in the antiquity, and nowadays hot method of licquid glass making is very rare phenomenon. This technique unites two different but equally eternal materials – glass and metal that give to products endless life. Hot enamel has always valued the same as gold and jewels due to its capriciousness and complexity in work. By the way, Carl Fabergé used hot enamel in his masterpieces.

So better to see it once – welcome to estimate the paintings creating in this antient technique of Russian artists in our hotel gallery until December, 21.