High mushroom season at Arcobaleno

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Seasonality – makes a true gourmet happy , and doesn’t  allow him to get bored in the gastronomic world.
Arcobaleno Restaurant – experienced and attentive guide through the seasons. In winter and spring, we offered fragrant and warming dishes, in  summer treated  you light salads with fruit and berries, and now in  autumn  we invite you to enjoy the bold and hearty addition to the main menu. Seasonal set is dedicated  to chanterelles! After long day walking  under Petersburg’s  rain, start with a gentle cream-soup of chanterelles. To satisfy carousing appetite try basked veal fillet with chanterelle pie and sauce Zhu.  And for dessert, surprise yourself with the most delicate combination of  blueberry pie with unusual chanterelles ice cream , absorbed the flavors of the forest.