Exhibition of Roman mosaic reproduction in Domina gallery

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Dive into the ancient  art of Italy through the prism of civilizations… New exposition Opus tessellatum opened in the hotel chamber gallery presents the works of the masters from the one and only professional mosaic school in Russia Wow Mosaic.

Mosaic is one of the oldest forms of art, known from the fourth millennium BC. Such a long way of development allowed the art of mosaic to reveal itself in all diversity: today, mosaic artists work all over the world, creating unique masterpieces using various materials and techniques.

All the works of the exhibition were made with tessers – cubic modules of stone and smalt – it was the attribute of richness and high status in the Roman Empire and decorated secular rooms and private chambers of wealthy citizens. The skill of the Roman mosaicists allowed them to combine figurative scenes with the high aesthetic value of the images, and the prosperity of ancient civilization spread the Roman mosaic throughout the Mediterranean.

Now we can enjoy this art recreated two thousand years later by modern masters.

Welcome to get an eyeful of this wonderful art works until 7 August.
All the works are available for purchase.