Talent as inspiration

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Until October, 7 the chamber gallery of Domina St. Petersburg holds the works by the artist Svetlana Voronchenko dedicated to the beaury of creative process…

We are sure: art lives in our daily life more than we suppose. And show it visually — with our new exhibition “Talent as inspiration”.

Every profession, when it has a response in your soul, may bring the true harmony with yourself.
Have you ever look after the human impassioned with the favourite job? The beauty of emotions, gestures, feelings… concentrates here and now! Time stops, soul is souring…  (Svetlana Voronchenko)

This is the feeling that the artist aspired to reflect in the works. The paintings are full of dynamics and passion. The outline style emphasizes the live process of creation.

Get inspire with us!

The entry is free and round-the-clock. All paintings are available for purchase.