Grace in graphics: an ode to ballet

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Together with the international St. Art Magazine and popular contemporary St. Petersburg artist Nadezhda Vorontsova we present a new exhibition in our hotel gallery, dedicated to the art of ballet.

The author’s works reveal the image of a ballerina, which in addition a dance grace, reflects the theme of love and sincerity. After all, the ballerina conveys not only beauty and technique, but also deep feelings. Her image becomes a symbol of a new sincerity in art, where technique and emotion intertwine in a stunning dance reminding us of the timeless beauty of art and the depth that it can convey.

The basis of our exhibition is the graphic series “Swan Lake”, which was created after a series of sketches from nature and a visit by the author to the backstage of the Hermitage Theater.

We invite you to a personal acquaintance with the aerial paintings of Nadezhda Vorontsova.
The exhibition is open daily and around the clock.
All works are available for purchase.