Archive photography exhibition “The City Where Dovlatov Lived”

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The gallery of art hotel Domina St. Petersburg holds the exhibition within the city festival dedicated to writer Sergey Dovlatov. Welcome to see the exposition by photographer Mark Serman, the Dovlatov’s erstwhile friend, that presents the writer’s Leningrad through the prism of black and white photography as well as the limited-edition Dovlatov’s portraits. The exhibition is open from 31 August to 6 October.

Living in the USA nowadays, Mark Serman comes back to his home city to present the works and honour the memory of his friend. Majority of the photographs on this exposition are printed for the first time so the city festival and its partners, Domina St. Petersburg hotel and BBR bank, give the unique opportunity to introduce to this author’s art and discover the photo memories of Dovlatov’s Petersburg of the 70s. The photographs on this exhibition shows the Petersburg places where lived and walked the famous writer. The pictures reflect the atmosphere of the writer and the city at that time. There is a part of Dovlatov’s portraits series presented too. These portraits were primarily shooted for new books or publications of Dovlatov. Besides, it was a collaboration of two friends that is why the photographs are such warm, relaxed and home.

Welcome to visit the exhibition until 6 October, the entry is free and round-the-clock. Also all the works are available for purchase.