Exhibition of famous Petersburg painters

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Continuing the series of art events dedicated to the hotel’s fifth anniversary, until November 9 the colorful canvas from the cycle “My Petersburg” are exhibited in the mansion on Moika, 99

In honour to the hotel’s fifth anniversary the series of art events is continuing: until the end of September the mansion on Moika, 99 became a gallery for the colorful canvas from the cycle “My Petersburg”.
The painters and art hotel as well as the choice of the works are united with non-standard outlook on the city. The facade of the aristocratic XIX century mansion occupied by the hotel hides interior of a bold postmodern. On the canvases of artists — recognizable but not canonical foreshortenings of St. Petersburg.

Members of the Russian Artists Union, participants of numerous exhibition worldwide, Dmitriy Kotunov and Pavel Eskov — their art distinguishes with masterly combination of academic school and author’s manner. In the works the painters reflect the city where imperial greatness is interlaced with the charm of non-parade streets. Seems like the paintings continue the hotel’s design concept of 5D Lifestyle expressing five dimensions of life in the Venice of the North…

Welcome to walk through colorful, warm and cozy Petersburg – memorable addition to a classical city sights tour or maybe inspiration for discovering new places in Petersburg. All paintings are available for purchase.