IV St. Petersburg restaurant festival at Domina St. Petersburg

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Only in April St. Petersburg presents the high gastronomy season and special set-menus to try.

Within the main city gastronomic festival the best restaurants and bars offer the author’s set for the special price – a perfect opportunity to discover the Petersburg cuisine.

Concept set “White nights” at the bar Nove (990 ₽) introduces the favourite dishes of Dostoevsky’s contemporaries. Carefully recreated recipes of St. Petersburg housewives sound unexpectedly topical. Welcome to try Salad with pickled milk mushrooms, potato & sour cream, veal cheeks in sherry with mashed celery and caramelized beetroots accompanied with glass of Russian home infusion “Klukovka”.

The Arcobaleno restaurant’s chef, Petersburger Sergey Maslov, reveals his vision of modern cuisine of the city in the special set-menu (1990 ₽). Warm salad with smoked veal & porcini mushrooms, sole with spinach mousse and Russian merengue cake for a dessert – true journey into the world of bright author’s gastronomy in the company of Prosecco Spumante.